Monday, May 24, 2010

Trivial? Not sure, but it's trivia in any case.

Announcing a Trivia Challenge, with a Prize:

There's something very interesting about the subject of the photo in this link. See if you figure out what it is, and why it's like that.

The first ten people to flickr-mail or email me with
[1] the interesting fact about the subject of the photo
[2] the specifics of why that fact is the case
Will receive an 8x10 print (or similar size, exact dimension depends on photo dimension) of any of my work on flickr of your choosing (excluding low-res work and photos of people).

This is open to everyone, and no information sources are off-limits (but do your own research please).



PS - tell your friends to check it out, because the photo's been viewed over 200 times but I've only gotten one right answer!!