Sunday, June 26, 2016

an open letter to my assignment group


I'm having a very frustrating time this week editing this work. I feel that the content is not quite there in terms of satisfying the assignment requirements, and I'm having a lot of difficulty making sense of a lot of the input you've given me. I've asked for clarifications in many of the comments but the responses, as a rule, haven't been clear. I'm trying to rewrite what I can, fill in the gaps where I can, and preserve y'all's intent of meaning where I can discern it, but it's very difficult to discern in a lot of cases. This makes it next to impossible to provide clarity to those who will be reading, and grading, our paper.

This is mainly meant as fair warning that I doubt our grade will be all that great on this assignment.

I am struggling to pull this paper together even to the level that I was able to do for the last paper (which, frankly, was well below normally-acceptable standards, in my opinion). In order to rewrite this to the level of acceptability that we were able to achieve even in that assignment, I would have to spend another full day on this reading the sources given to square them with the citations and to make sense of everything and pull it all together into a cohesive document that satisfies the assignment criteria.

I'm disinclined to say anything further that could be taken personally, but I do mean to convey that I have not yet seen the quality of writing so far from this group that is normally acceptable at an undergraduate level, let alone in grad school. The main reason I volunteered to edit the papers for the group is that I am a good writer and editor, and a better critic. Perhaps most to the point, however, it truly pains me to turn in mediocre-to-lousy writing.

I realize I have probably burned three bridges at once with this; however, I feel strongly that this is important enough to take that risk: in all sincerity, PLEASE, each of you needs to step up your writing game. I am asking not only for my sake and the sake of my grade, but also for the sake of your own academic and professional careers, and to honor the value of the degree we're all working to achieve.